Your Whole-Body Health Solution in our Dental Office.


We offer a whole-body health and wellness assessment to help you identify potential health risks associated with oral health and the proper development of your children’s upper and lower jaws. There are a variety of potentially serious health risks associated with sleep and breathing disorders that may be the result of underdeveloped upper and lower jaws.


This assessment will help the Dr. Simkins

understand what’s really going on for you.


1. Whole-Body Health + Wellness Assessment

2. In-Home Sleep Wellness Assessment

3. Whole-Body Health Intelligence Report


Your overall health and wellness is our first priority.


Breathe Deep.

Sleep Tight.

Live Better.




A New Approach to Dentistry


Dr. Simkins and his team have been trained in a new approach to dentistry which will impact your kid’s overall health and wellness. At Castle Creek, we know that your kids deserve to be as happy and healthy as possible inside and out. We have a commitment to your family as health care providers to not only focus on your child’s oral health but how their oral health affects their whole health. Call us today and get a sleep wellness assessment scheduled for your children. You may be surprised at what we learn and how it could change your child’s life.


ALWAYS focused on all of you.

Did you know?

There are a variety of potentially serious

health risks associated with sleep and breathing

disorders that may be the result of

underdeveloped upper and lower jaws.


Health Risks for Adults:








Chronic Fatigue






Cardiovascular Disease


Health Risks for Children:



Aggressive Behavior

Teeth Grinding

Mouth Breathing


Head and Face Development and

Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Possible Complications:


Compromised Nasal Breathing

High Narrow Palate

Improper Tongue Position

Crooked or Crowded Teeth

Underdeveloped Upper Jaw

Underdeveloped Lower Jaw or Severe Overbite

Obstructed Airway


Sleep Apnea


Obstructive Sleep Apnea is an often misunderstood health condition and is potentially life threatening.


Ask Dr. Simkins today

about the connection between

proper head and face development and whole body health + wellness.


What does my dentist know?

Your oral health plays a critical role in

your overall health and wellness.

When your jaws fail to develop properly it can

lead to a variety of health risks.


What to look for?


If you or someone you love is suffering

from any of these health concerns, it

is important to seek an answer to the

possible underlying cause.

You should also ask for a detailed

assessment if you see crooked or

crowded teeth, persistent mouth

breathing or deficient sleep patterns.


What are we doing to help?

As a member of your family’s healthcare

team, we are focused on all of you.

That means we are doing everything we can to

help identify risk factors and underlying

conditions which contribute to your

overall health and wellness.



Wellness Assessment

Ask us today about the

 All of You

total health and wellness screening.

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