Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Not every cavity a person has is big enough to fill. Sometimes, you or your child goes into an appointment where the dentist recommends that a tooth be

watched in case the cavity that is currently present (and very small) were to get big enough to have to fill or cover with a crown. However, there are now better measures you can take in order to stop the decay from becoming bigger.


At our office, we offer Silver Diamine Fluoride or SDF. SDF is an antibacterial substance that absorbs into areas of dental decay and gets rid of the bacteria that is currently eating away at the tooth. Although it does not fix the tooth, it may cause the tooth to no longer progress to become a cavity that will need to be filled. It also prevents the doctor from having to drill away tooth enamel around the decay that is still healthy. Unfortunately, just like fillings in teeth,

there is still a chance that the dental decay will grow to where the cavity will need to be replaced by a filling.


The Silver Diamine Fluoride comes in liquid form and is placed on and around the current decay that is eating away at the tooth. After the first application of SDF, we ask that our patients come back for a touch-up one month after their first appointment to ensure that the SDF has a higher chance of stopping further decay. Dr. Simkins or one of his team will reapply the SDF as necessary at check-ups every six months.


Silver Diamine Fluoride is not currently covered by insurance but is only $15.00 per application (up to 5 teeth). The only adverse effect from SDF is that wherever the liquid is placed on the tooth, it will turn black.


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SDF is approved by The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry for children, adolescents, and those with other special healthcare needs.