Hello Everyone!


We require masks for those not vaccinated and children 12 and under.


We are still very concerned about the safety and well being of both the kids and caregivers but also our team. With that in mind as we begin to see patients again there will be some new things to help keep us safe. Here is the list (we might add or change depending on how things go).


We will not have people wait for us in the office, but have you wait in the car until we are ready for you. With this in mind, please call as you arrive to let us know you are here.


We will be asking a series of questions as you walk in the door. Along with taking your temperature (just like the hospital)

  • Do you or anyone in your home have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  • Have you traveled anywhere in the past 3 weeks? If so, where?
  • Have you been in close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19?
  • Do you have heart, lung or kidney disease and/or diabetes?
  • Are you 60 or older?


Please wash your hands upon entering and leaving the office.


For those accompanying patients we would prefer you wear a mask while in the office. We will have a limited supply of masks available so please do not count on us having one for you to wear.


We prefer only the child comes in for the appointment, but if needed one other person may accompany them. For families with multiple children we will try to find a private room to accommodate those with appointments otherwise we ask other children to stay in the car until it is their turn. Children will not be allowed to roam in the office at this time.


We will be employing extra cleaning measures along with extra protective equipment for the staff so please be aware.


There will not be books, magazines, crayons etc that are shared for the time being.


Please let us know if you would prefer to reschedule any appointment until a later date, we want everyone to be comfortable with coming to the office.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and please continue to social distance and stay safe. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again, just maybe behind a mask for the time being! Thank you again for your patience and support!




Dr.Simkins and the entire team at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry