Bacterial Swab

Bacterial Swab

Here at the office, we are committed to preventing cavities

before they start rather than just allowing them to happen. We

want our patients to be able to keep and take care of the teeth they have and hopefully stop oral decay before it becomes detrimental.


To help with this process, we are introducing Bacteria Testing to our office. Bacteria Testing helps identify how much cariogenic bacteria (the bacteria that creates cavities, dental decay, and bad breath) is in your child's mouth so we can make a better plan to help them have better oral health and prevent dental decay.


In order to do the saliva screening, we ask that the patient DOES NOT eat, drink, or brush teeth two hour prior to the appointment time or the Bacteria Test results will be skewed. The Bacteria Test is not currently covered by insurance and is $15.00 per test with us testing approximately 1-2 times a year or according to what you and Dr. Simkins feel is best for your child. After every bacteria test, we will talk to you about your best options and provide suggestions that will be most beneficial for your individual child's needs.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact our office at (801)-782-3920 or through email at