Dental Laser for Cavities – The Canary System at Castle Creek

At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry, we pride ourselves on using the latest and greatest technologies. We do so to provide your children the best dental services possible, and this includes The Canary System. The Canary System is a laser detection device that we use at our office in North Ogden, UT. The system is integrated with an intraoral camera that helps detect any cracks or tooth decay. What is so amazing about this device is it will catch these common issues before they are large enough to show up on your child’s dental x-rays.

The intraoral camera displays the images immediately for chair side reviews with our patients. How does this dental laser for cavities work? When the device is placed on the tooth, it emits a low-powered, pulsating laser and the light is shone on the tooth for a three second scan. At a frequency of 2Hz, the laser light can get through below the tooth’s surface and make a detection as small as 50 microns. That’s 20 times smaller than a millimeter!

This system is excellent for preventative dentistry and helps your children get the best dental services possible. The Canary System is unique in preventive dental practices and it’s the only system out there that can:

  • Examine and measure the crystal structure of a tooth
  • Has the capability of measuring a depth of 5mm

It also detects decay on all the surfaces of a tooth. This includes:

  • Having the ability to get around and beneath other dental restorations such as amalgam, composites and crowns
  • The smooth surfaces
  • Beneath stained areas on the teeth
  • Around braces
  • Beneath opaque and transparent dental sealants
  • Interproximal regions

This advancement in technology is great for our dental office and for your children. It can now detect any type of decay before it gets bigger, which can avoid costly and uncomfortable procedures for your children.

Benefits of The Canary System:

  • Detects cracks and decay without any exposure to ionizing radiation from x-rays
  • It’s comfortable and safe for your children
  • Detects tiny cavities that can be treated with remineralization and avoids fillings

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