Sedation Dentistry for Ogden Kids

If the dentist makes your child anxious or a little too wiggly, there are ways to get them the dental care they need. Oral sedation is a safe option that helps your children relax while sitting in our dentist’s chair. Whether it’s fillings or a cleaning, it’s important that your children sit still and cooperate with our hygienists and Dr. Simkins to get quality dental care. The team at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry near Ogden, UT offers pediatric sedation dentistry for a variety of procedures.

Nitrous Oxide for Dental Sedation

Nitrous oxide might sound scarier than it is and it’s likely you’ve tried it yourself at the dentist. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide causes a relaxed, subdued feeling all over. This feeling lasts just long enough to complete any procedure your child needs then wears off shortly after.

We apply the nitrous oxide by attaching a mask to your child’s nose. Once secure on their face, your child will breathe in a balanced stream of oxygen and nitrous oxide to help them relax during the procedure. This is one of the best sedation dentistry options for kids we can offer near Ogden.

Oral Dental Sedation

If your little one needs a more involved procedure, Dr. Simkins can administer oral sedation. Oral sedation requires an empty stomach and healthy respiratory, so your child will have to fast before their appointment and avoid getting sick at least two weeks before the procedure. While this is a safe method of sedation for kids, it is a powerful one, so we ask two adults to be available to help your child.

Located in North Ogden, Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry is just a short drive from Ogden. No matter how old your child is, they deserve to have a comfortable experience at the dentist. With Dr. Simkins, everyone’s in good hands, especially children with special needs or anxiety. To learn more about sedation dentistry for kids, call us today at 801-590-7929.

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