Pediatric Sedation Dentistry for Morgan, UT

A lot of children hate going to the dentist, and they experience fear and anxiety. Even for procedures like tooth fillings or even a routine cleaning. We understand this, and it’s one of the biggest challenges of being a pediatric dentist. At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry, we provide sedation dentistry for your kids. We want your kids to feel safe and welcome when they come into our office. If you’re in Morgan, UT, come by our office. We provide our services to children throughout Weber County.

Nitrous Oxide as a Sedative

Nitrous oxide has been used in dentist offices for many years and is the most common sedation method. You may know it by “laughing gas.” It helps in calming down your child and making them feel relaxed. The benefit is that it lasts long enough for the entire procedure then wears off shortly.

The nitrous oxide is administered by attaching a mask to your child’s nose, and they’ll receive a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. This sedation method works just about instantly. Your child will be awake during the procedure and aware of their surroundings.

Oral Sedation for Kids

If your child needs a difficult procedure, then Dr. Simkins can provide oral sedation. Oral sedation will require your child to fast in the morning before the procedure and be free from any respiratory symptoms. If your child has been sick recently, we’ll need to have a two week period where your child isn’t showing any signs of sickness before the procedure is done. Oral sedation is a safe method, but we still ask that two parents be available for your child.

IV Sedation & General Anesthesia

A couple of other options we use are IV sedation or general anesthesia. These can be used when your child is unable to tolerate the procedure in a conventional manner. IV sedation is an in-office procedure accompanied by a nurse anesthetist. General anesthesia is done at the hospital. Depending on the parents’ preference, health issues or insurance, our options are Mount Ogden or Primary Children’s Hospital.

For any questions or concerns you might have about anesthesia, please contact our office. If either of these two options is considered for your child, we will give you a brochure with all the information you need. Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry has successfully completed over 500 IV sedations a year since 2004.

Your child deserves to have a comfortable experience at the dentist, and we do what we can to make them feel safe and welcome. Come visit our office from Morgan, UT. We’re located in North Ogden and we’ve provided excellent pediatric dentistry for children throughout Weber County. To learn more about our sedation dentistry for children, give us a call at 801-590-7929.

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