Customized Preventative Dentistry Program in North Ogden

At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry we have an individualized prevention program you may choose to enroll your child in. Within the program we will be determining and assessing dental decay risk of each individual and creating a individualized treatment plan.

What to expect at a preventative program visits:

At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry we are trying to move towards healing teeth versus fixing them. All of the tools we will incorporate will help us do our best in that endeavor. In order for us to individualize a prevention program for your child, we need to determine what is going to work best. The process will involve determining how “at risk” your child is to have decay. We will have a few questions about you and your child to help figure out where we are starting.

Bacterial Testing

In our office, we will be taking samples of plaque in your child’s mouth to culture and determine if they do indeed have a high bacterial count. The samples will let us know if we need to incorporate anti-bacterial regimens into our preventive plan.

Placement of Products to strengthen teeth and reduce bacteria

We have a range of products from fluoride, to anti-bacterial rinses, varnishes, and Calcium/Phosphate gels, the list goes on, at our disposal to help stop the cavities before we reach the point of a filling/crown/extraction. We have holistic products available for those that are holistically mindful including little to no fluoride.

Nutrition Counseling

When we put food in our mouth, the bacteria convert these carbohydrates into fuel for themselves, with a byproduct of acid dumped onto the teeth. I will be having the parents log for one week what food is eaten and what time it is eaten so we can take a look and see if the issue is linked to carbohydrates. When the acid shows up, the saliva works to neutralize the acid, and even repair the tooth. Unfortunately, this takes time. When eating, the pH drops for about 20 minutes, and then the saliva can effectively neutralize the acid and start the repair process on the teeth. Along with the nutrition logs, we will be following the American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommendations to track the BMI on our patients. Alone, BMI does not determine well whether one is overweight or not. What the BMI does allow us to do is track over time if we are moving to an unhealthy body composition. With the nutrition information and BMI, we can discuss whether a referral to a pediatrician or nutritionist is in the best interest of the child.

Analyzing Teeth with Canary System:

With the Canary system, we can scan teeth and analyze the crystalline structure. We’ll then score the tooth on a scale of 1-100, with one being perfect and 100 being a giant cavity. The score will tell us if there are issues long before x-rays and even mirror/explorer exam. Using the number value, we can start preventive regimens and scan to track and see if they are working. If the number continues to go up, then we are heading to a cavity. If the number goes down or stays the same, the decay is not progressing.

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Our Preventative Program is tailors to each individual.

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