Dental Fillings for Children

It’s common for children to receive dental fillings to fix the cavities in their teeth. Our qualified, welcoming staff at Castle Creek Dentistry in North Ogden is committed to making sure every child’s experience with a filling is painless and stress-free.

Get your child's cavities filled from Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry.

In today’s dental world, white fillings are used more often than silver fillings. However, there are instances when silver fillings are necessary. In
addition to administering dental filling, Dr. Simkins and the rest of our team pay attention to preventative care, along with performing complete oral health,
these cases, we will place sealants over the filling for added protection.

Keeping Your Child Calm

At Castle Creek, we can use nitrous oxide sedation to help anxious children feel better during the tooth filling process. Nitrous oxide is a safe, simple form of conscious sedation where the child simply breathes in laughing gas through a mask in order to feel calm and relaxed. Your child will remain conscious and aware the whole time, they’re simply more at ease. By simply breathing pure oxygen afterwards, they are back to normal in less than 5 minutes.

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Does your child need a cavity filled? If you’re located in North Ogden, Ogden, Farr West, Harrisville or another city in Weber County, visit us at Castle Creek Dentistry. Collectively, our expert dental staff has over ten years of experience providing pediatric dental services like dental fillings to the Ogden and Harrisville areas. You can easily make an appointment with Dr. Simkins or another staff member today! Just call us at 1-801-590-7929 or email

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If your child has any cavities, it’s important to get them filled as soon as possible. You can trust the experienced staff at Castle Creek Dentistry to provide safe and effective dental fillings.
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