Dental Crowns & Bridges for Kids

Though children don’t often need dental crowns, they are necessary to treat certain ailments. You can rely on the friendly staff of Castle Creek Dentistry in North Ogden, Utah to help your child through the process. For great pediatric dental services, call Castle Creek Dentistry. Our welcoming staff is great with children and we are devoted to making them feel safe and calm during their dentist appointment. In addition to dental crowns, we focus on preventative care, perform all-inclusive oral health evaluations, analyze orthodontic concerns, track tooth and jaw development and administer topical fluoride and sealants.

What Are Dental Crowns?

At Castle Creek Dentistry, we offer porcelain dental crowns that will be beneficial for any of your children facing dental conditions such as aggressive cavities, botched fillings, cosmetic problems and cracked or chipped teeth. The crowns we use for children at Castle Creek have the form and functionality of natural teeth. They are sturdy and do not necessitate any additional special care.

Dentists use bridges to fill in gaps from missing teeth, but not many can complete the treatment as efficiently as the staff at Castle Creek Dentistry.

Castle Creek Dentistry offers artificial crowns, or caps, that are fixed to match the size and color of natural teeth. These caps are bonded to the remaining part of the tooth. This procedure can be less costly than alternative cosmetic procedures but is highly effective and nearly undetectable. If a tooth breaks, chips, decays or fractures, a dental crown may be necessary. Our experts use porcelain crowns because they are durable, strong and almost undetectable.

Dental Crowns in Weber County

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced dentist for your children, contact Castle Creek Dentistry. We proudly offer our pediatric dental services to patients in Ogden, North Ogden, Harrisville, Farr West and other cities in Weber County. Schedule an appointment today by calling
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If your child has a cracked tooth, they might need a dental crown. Contact the friendly staff at Castle Creek Dentistry to make an appointment.
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