Cosmetic Pediatric Dentistry in North Ogden

Choosing the best dentist for your child is not always simple, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures. You want to be sure to choose the right dentist, who not only has the proper credentials but also understands the care and patience it takes to work with children. Early in life, children need to learn the care and cleaning techniques that will last throughout their lives. End your search by choosing our pediatric dentist, your one-stop location for the complete care of your child’s teeth. Bring your child into Castle Creek Dentistry in North Ogden for a simple filling or a more complex cosmetic dental procedure. Is your child complaining of a persistent toothache? Let us find out what is causing the problem and take care of it quickly. At our pediatric dentistry clinic, there is nothing that we can’t handle.

Composite Fillings

Our pediatric dental office in North Ogden provides composite fillings for children who have cavities and tooth decay. Made of a mixture of durable materials, composite fillings blend in with the hues of your child’s teeth to maintain a natural look. Get in touch with the cosmetic dentistry professionals at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry if you’re curious to hear about how we can treat your child’s next filling.

Cosmetic Contouring

Kids like to play rough and sometimes rough play results in chips, bumps and other unwanted imperfections on your child’s teeth. Dr. Simkins and his staff of cosmetic dentistry experts can mold the shape of your child’s natural teeth as opposed to bonding porcelain veneers to them. Contouring, also called tooth reshaping, will reconfigure overlapping, cracked, chipped and crooked teeth in one session.
When contouring is done, the most popular teeth to be fixed are incisors and canines. Whether your child has uneven, overlapping, or extremely flat or pointed teeth, our office staff can use a drill to create your perfect smile. Although contouring is a faster procedure than veneers or crowns, x-rays may be required. It takes around half an hour to contour each tooth.

Dental Implants

If your child experiences an accident that results in a missing tooth, dental implants are a great choice. The missing tooth will be replaced by a natural looking implant. Dental implants are a permanent solution to worn, decayed, cracked, or missing teeth. If you replace the tooth with implants, you will quickly start to see improvement in the state of your child’s jaw and mouth also.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are caps that are placed over teeth to take care of cavities too large for fillings. Though they aren’t usually necessary for children they can be used for severe tooth decay. Because they are durable and tooth colored, porcelain crowns are a popular option, but we also offer stainless steel crowns. Dental crowns are a method of cosmetic dentistry used to provide structure for your children’s teeth and maintain space so their permanent teeth grow properly.

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