Functional Orthodontist near Roy, Utah

Functional orthodontist near Roy, UT

Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry provides functional orthodontics that addresses both aligning teeth and breaking damaging habits that have created the orthodontic problem. Heredity can cause misaligned, crowded teeth, but myofunctional habits like a finger or thumb sucking, mouth breathing, reverse swallowing and tongue thrust can lead to dental misalignment.

Typical Orthodontics vs. Functional Orthodontics

Normal braces align teeth but they do not take care of detrimental myofunctional habits. Functional orthodontics is an integrated procedure that chiefly focuses on orthopedics. This concentration will help a patient’s airway and bite and then focus on aligning teeth. In functional orthodontics, we focus on the proceeding elements of overall well-being before any standard orthodontic treatment begins:

  • The skeletal bones of the head and face
  • The upper and lower jaw bones and TMJ
  • The relationship of the TMJ to the neck and back
  • The patient’s airway

Once these problems have been addressed, the required traditional orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth can start.

Purpose of Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics help children develop to their total genetic potential by solving the problems listed above. Palate development increases the size of jaws and airways and happens through oral appliances and typical braces. This gives enough space for teeth to move into place.

What is involved in Functional Orthodontic Treatment

Functional orthodontics work best in conjunction with a patient’s growth and development, functional orthodontics is most effective when children are young. The procedure will typically occur in two stages:

  • Phase 1: Patients will be fitted with oral appliances to expand the upper and lower jaw bones. This typically lasts from 9 to 18 months.
  • Phase 2: Once the jaws are developed and adult teeth have grown, patients will wear traditional braces to align their teeth if necessary. The appliances typically stay on another 9 to 18 months but can stay on for many years in some cases.

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At our practice, we are honored to offer functional orthodontics to our patients in Roy and surrounding areas. This form of orthodontics is ideal for young children who have misaligned teeth, crowded teeth and destructive myofunctional habits. Call us today to make an appointment.