Preventative Dental Care for Kids in North Ogden, UT

Preventative dental care for children is imperative for them to have healthy teeth throughout their life. Good oral health habits are not challenging to instill in your children when you have a pediatric dentist who specializes in preventative care for kids. In North Ogden, Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry is your oral care partner. Our pediatric dental care prevention helps your kids feel at ease as we get them excited about taking care of their teeth and mouth. We ensure that your kids will have a bright, beautiful smile.

We also provide an optional-enrollment Preventative Dentistry Program. It’s an individualized prevention program for your child where we determine and assess the dental decay risk of each patient and create individualized treatment plans.

The Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dental care refers to the measures taken, so your child’s teeth and mouth are free from common oral health concerns, cavities and tooth decay among them. Proper dental care now is proven to lead to a lifetime of healthy, well-cared for teeth. Healthy and strong teeth cut down on the expense of repairs and corrective services throughout your child’s life. The services provided at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry can help your children prevent gum disease, avoid cavities, and reduce enamel wear as they mature. The utilization of preventive dentistry will be a benefit for years to come.

We teach your family the importance of daily brushing, flossing, proper mouthwash usage and regular teeth cleanings, as well as provide top-quality general dental services like x-rays, sealants, cleanings and fillings. These practices will help your children’s teeth stay clean, healthy, strong, and white. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that children see the dentist around age one or within six months of getting their first teeth. Look to the friendly staff at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry for preventive dentistry in North Ogden, UT.

By beginning your children’s visits to the office early, they can build a friendly relationship with the dentist. We understand that it can be challenging for some little patients to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, especially when it comes to some preventative care steps. Our staff patiently works with each child and establishes a level of trust and caring needed to overcome any fears. We’ll make sure that your kids are comfortable when they visit our office. There’s no reason to dread going to the dentist anymore.

The Canary System

The Canary System is a new technology that makes pediatric preventative dental care more useful than ever. This exciting tool is a low-powered, laser-based instrument with an integrated intra-oral camera that is precise in detecting cracks and tooth decay in the earliest stages. The Canary System is considerably more effective than x-rays as it uses laser pulses to penetrate below the tooth’s surface and detect a crack or the formation of decay as small as 50 microns. That’s 20 times smaller than a millimeter! This tool is so efficient for preventative dentistry because it helps us inform you of any preventative measures you should take to prevent issues.

Preventative Dental Care In Between Visits

For preventative dental care at home, there are many things that you and your children can do between your visits to Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry in North Ogden. Some basic preventive dental care practices involve brushing and flossing on a daily basis. This is crucial for good dental health. Many children do not like to floss or often forget to do so. This small measure can help you improve your child’s dental health by cleaning where their toothbrush can’t reach and prevent cavities from forming. Helping them complete the task to make sure that it is don engages both of you in creating a strong oral care routine.

To keep germs and bacteria out of your child’s mouth, we suggest replacing your family’s toothbrushes at least three times a year. Letting your children pick out their new toothbrush is a great way to get them excited to brush their teeth.

Limiting sweets and other sugary substances, like fruit juice, is a small step that goes a long way in preventative dental care for children. Our stage at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry in North Ogden, UT, looks forward to working with your family to create healthy smiles and lasting great oral care habits. Call 801-590-7929 today to learn more about our pediatric preventative dental care services or schedule an appointment.