Preventative Dental Care in Brigham City, UT

It’s important to take care of your children’s teeth to avoid deterioration and help them grow to have healthy oral hygiene. The friendly professionals at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry can teach your kids the dental care techniques that will help them prevent tooth decay. Our Preventative Program is a good option for parents who would like to determine the health of their child’s teeth and gums. If our assessment spots signs of dental decay risk then we can help to create an individualized treatment plan.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Help your children create and stick to a dental health care routine. This begins with reminders to floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash on a daily basis. They can maintain their oral health between dentist visits with these simple techniques. These dental hygiene practices will help your kids reduce the overall impact that bacteria can have on their teeth.

However, due to the fact that we eat food and drink beverages throughout the day, every day, it’s still important to get them a professional checkup. Our dental hygienists are trained to detect and treat signs of inflamed gums, cavities or plaque buildup.

At Castle Creek we take things a step further in our Preventative Program. We evaluate possible dental decay in each of our patients and develop personalized hygiene routines for them to follow. Ask about it at your next visit.

As soon as children develop teeth, normally around age one, they should be taken in to see a dentist to receive regular preventative dental care. Making pediatric preventative dentistry a priority from an early age can set them up for healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

What to Expect from Preventative Dentistry?

We know the dentist can make some of our patients a little nervous. That’s why our staff takes great care in making your child feel comfortable and at ease. In addition, we like to walk the parents through different procedures and answer any questions they might have. These are the services you can expect from the preventative dentistry checkups we perform:

  • X-ray for accurately spotting decay
  • Analyzing teeth with Canary System
  • Plaque and stain removal
  • Bacterial Testing
  • Placement of products to strengthen teeth and reduce bacteria
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Gum tissue evaluation
  • Enamel examination
  • Sealants when necessary

The pediatric dental care we provide aims to combat germs and prevent enamel deterioration. Doing so will help maintain your child’s healthy, beautiful smile for years to come.

Call Castle Creek Pediatric for Preventative Dentistry

Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry provides excellent preventative dental care for children of all ages near Brigham City, UT. Our pediatric services are recognized by the American Dental Association and as such we receive additional training to work with children. You can have the peace of mind that your kids are in the right hands and we will do our due diligence to take care of their teeth.

The environment in our clinic is bright and fun to make it an awesome experience for your kids. They will leave the dentist happy and looking forward to the next visit. Call us today at 801-590-7929 to schedule a preventative dentistry appointment for your child.

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