Pediatric Preventative Dental Care in Ogden

Preventative dental care refers to the measures taken in order to keep your child’s mouth and teeth healthy. Proper dental care now can help your children prevent gum disease, avoid cavities, and reduce enamel wear as they mature.

We teach children the importance of daily brushing, flossing, mouth wash usage and regular teeth cleanings. These practices will help your children’s teeth to be clean, healthy, strong, and white. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that children see the dentist around age one within six months of getting their first teeth.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Teaching your kids oral health doesn’t have to be difficult. At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry in North Ogden, our friendly team helps your kids feel at ease as we get them excited about reaching dental hygiene goals.

We also provide an optional-enrollment Preventative Dentistry Program. It’s an individualized prevention program for your child, in which we determine and assess the dental decay risk of each patient and create individualized treatment plans.

Preventative Dental Care In-Between Visits

There are many things that you and your children can do for great dental health between your visits at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry. Brushing and flossing daily is crucial for dental health. To keep germs and bacteria out of your child’s mouth, we also suggest replacing your child’s toothbrush at least three times a year.

Many children do not like to floss or often forget to do so. This small measure can help you improve your child’s dental health by cleaning where their toothbrush can’t reach. You can help them complete the task to make sure that it is done.

If you’re in the Harrisville, Ogden, Farr West, and surrounding areas and need a good pediatric dentist, call us today. You can contact us online or call our North Ogden offices at 1-801-782-3920 to schedule your child’s annual teeth cleaning and exam.

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