Solutions for Avulsed Teeth

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Solutions for Avulsed Teeth

If your child looses a baby tooth, it’s cause for celebration and a visit from the tooth fairy. However, when rough housing or sports-related injuries knock out your child’s permanent teeth, it’s a different story. The number of treatment options available to your child will vary on their age. The older your child is, the more options they’ll have available to them. At Castle Creek Dentistry, we have a few suggestions for how to handle losing a permanent tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the fastest way to correct a missing tooth. This procedure uses artificial tooth roots to create a strong anchor for replacement teeth. Without these roots, your child’s new tooth may not stay in place or feel comfortable. Just like their natural teeth, dental implants function make eating, speaking and smiling easier for your child. The procedure is safe and comfortable for your child. However, most children’s jaws do not completely stop growing until adolescence. This makes dental implants best for kids over 15.


Don’t worry, no dolphins are involved with this procedure. Instead, a dental flipper is a removable, partial denture. This kind of false tooth contours to your child’s gums and roof of the mouth. It fits similarly to a retainer, but with a false tooth attached to it. Flippers are affordable and great for a temporary fix.

Braces and Orthodontics

Occasionally, braces can close any gaps left after an avulsed tooth. This is an expensive option, but provides a permanent solution to any missing or crooked teeth your child may have. Traditional braces generally take around two years before they’re ready to be removed but other methods like Invisalign may be available to older kids.

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