Pediatric Dentistry in North Ogden, Utah

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We provide pediatric dental care.

Do you live in North Ogden? Are you unsure if you should take your child to a family dentist, specialist, or pediatric dentist? At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry, our professional staff will provide the best pediatric dental services to your child. Read below for an overview of our services.

Services we offer at Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry:

Check-ups and Maintenance – This includes 6-month checkups, teeth cleanings, radiographs and, if necessary, periodontal cleanings and examinations of tooth decay and other pediatric dental needs.

Pediatric Specialists – Our friendly dental team is great with kids and we are committed to making brushing and flossing fun for them. We give special attention to preventive care and also look at sealants, orthodontics, general tooth and jaw development and more.

Root Canals – These can be required when your child has an abscess, heat or cold sensitivity, aching teeth and jaws, swelling or tenderness or general sensitivity. During these procedures in our office, we will take out pulp, nerves, bacteria and decay and then fill the space with medicated dental materials. Without root canals, tooth extraction would be required. This procedure is often a permanent solution.

Orthodontic Needs – Your child may need/want a straighter smile for cosmetic reasons or even functionality. It is easiest to take care of tooth alignment with braces or other orthodontics when your child is a teenager or adolescent. Nearly 2/3rds of all orthodontic patients are children, and we specialize in caring for the orthodontic needs of children. We can set up a consult to see what would be best for your child’s situation.

Tooth Extractions – There are a variety of reasons you may need a tooth extraction, which we can diagnose in a consultation and screening in our office.

Emergency Dentistry – Serious dental injuries are most common in toddlers and pre-adolescents. Emergency dentistry is often needed if you have had an injury or have sudden pain. If your child has a tooth knocked out or pushed into the jawbone, or if a tooth has been pushed out of normal alignment, give us a call and we’ll do what is needed to take care of the situation. Emergency dental procedures are most effective when completed as soon as possible.

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For the best pediatric dentistry in North Ogden, call Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry today to set up a consultation. We’ll look at the situation of your child and make a recommendation.

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