Healthy Cooking Tips for Your Sweet Tooth

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Healthy Cooking Tips for Your Sweet Tooth

The holiday season means it’s time for delicious treats, candy, pies and cakes. With all this tasty food around, you should be aware of how much sugar your family is consuming. Not only is too much sugar bad for your overall health, but it can destroy your teeth. Too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss, but there are a few healthy cooking tips to consider so you can curb your sweet tooth while enjoying the delicious treats.

Consider Alternative Sweeteners

This doesn’t mean artificial sugar products, but healthier alternatives. Instead of using normal sugar, swap out white sugar for maple syrup, raw honey or agave nectar. Most of the time natural alternatives are much sweeter so you have to use less.

Find Healthier Recipes

If you’re just starting to cook healthier, find some new recipes. This will make the sugar transition easier because you won’t be comparing the new recipe to the traditional sugary recipes you love. Try searching online for similar recipes that call for less sugar. More and more people are realizing the dangers of too much sugar, so the Internet is full of healthier alternatives.

Take Time to Test New Recipes

It’s not a good idea to wait until the day before Thanksgiving to test a healthy pie recipe, so start practicing early. Trial and error is important with cooking. Try cooking smaller batches and testing a variety of alternatives so you can perfect the recipe.

Have Good Oral Health

It isn’t enough just to reduce the sugar in your recipes to keep your family’s teeth healthy. Make sure everyone brushes and flosses more than once a day and visits the dentist regularly. Practicing superior oral hygiene is the best way to prevent your teeth from decay and damage. Visit Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry for a dentist appointment. We serve patients in the North Ogden and Harrisville areas of Weber County, Utah.

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