How to Get Your Kids Excited to Brush their Teeth

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When your child is old enough to brush their own teeth, it can be a challenge to get them to do it. Most kids don’t actively want to brush their teeth, just like they don’t want to bathe, take naps, eat vegetables or clean up their rooms. However, it’s important to promote good brushing habits early on.

Here are a few ways you can get your kids excited about brushing their teeth:

Get them a fun toothbrush

Get your child a toothbrush that they’re excited about. There are plenty of children’s toothbrushes that feature characters from their favorite movies, Disney cartoons, race cars, princesses, dinosaurs, animals, sea creatures and more. Toothbrushes also come in various colors, so whether your little one wants something sparkly and pink or bright neon green, they’ll have a choice. Bring your child with you to the store to choose a toothbrush and you might find that brushing becomes less of a hassle.

Make a game out of brushing

Turning a mundane task into a game is a great way to make it more enjoyable. Something like “I bet I can brush my teeth better than you” is a great way to get your child excited to brush their teeth.

Set up a rewards system

This doesn’t mean you should pay your child to brush their teeth. However, you can set up some kind of rewards system that directly connects to dental care. Perhaps your child can stay up an extra 30 minutes if they brush their teeth and take a bath before bed. You could also offer them a prize for 30 days of consistent brushing. Whatever the incentive is, it’s a great way to get your child to brush.

Turn it into a story

It might feel silly, but turning tooth brushing into a story is a good way to encourage your kids to brush. Plaque monsters could be invading the Teeth Kingdom and the only way to get rid of them is with the powerful toothbrush.

Brush together

When everything else fails, make an effort to lead by example. Show your children that brushing is essential to a healthy life. Your kids naturally want to be like you, so take advantage of that. Spend quality time with your children and show them the benefits of a bright and healthy smile.

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