Choosing Sole Proprietor or Big Box Dental in North Ogden, UT

Choose private dental care from Castle Creek Pediatric in North Ogden, UT.

Too many cookies can hurt your teeth, but cookie cutter dental offices can hurt your wallet. More and more, different industries have corporatized their services to churn out more customers for less money. This automated, impersonal approach hurts patients while putting money in the pockets of these companies.

With “big box” dental clinics sprouting up across Utah and the Intermountain West, sole proprietor shops like Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry have to compete harder for lifelong clients. These shops promise quick, low price care, but at what cost? Dental chains often resort to one-size-fits-all treatments and limited attention to accommodate for all their patients. Instead of getting the best care, you get the fastest, easiest care so the big box company can move on to the next patient.

What is Big Box Dental?

Much like large chain restaurants, big box dental clinics value quantity over quality. Their goal is to serve as many patients as quickly as possible rather than develop relationships with their patients. While their dentistry staff is qualified and trained, their real product is convenience and low cost over quality work and individual attention. Big box dental corporations are more worried about upselling patients, meeting quotas and avoiding affordable alternatives to make enough cash to support themselves.

Choose Castle Creek for the Best Private Dental Clinic

At Castle Creek Pediatric Dentistry, you get private dental care from the best in North Ogden, UT. We believe in fostering a love of dental hygiene in children from a young age. When you develop an ongoing relationship with a child, they remember you forever. We take interest in your kids and do whatever it takes to make their smile healthy. We aren’t concerned about the number of patients we have, but rather how well they’re cared for. Call (801) 782-3920 to book an appointment with our friendly staff.